Berlin, DE

Illustration, Digital Art

A digitally created image for CCT Seecity, a cultural organisation in Toscany

Pistoia/New Jersey

Keep still.
Welcome to New Jersey the sign said, Welcome to New Jersey. Driving down the sun soaked hills, the sun soaked hills. Pistoia, Pistoia you blew at me that hot dry kiss. Pistoia, Pistoia you gave me melon, prosciutto and cheese. I walked through your baked streets and stepped within your piazzas and Duomo. I tasted your wine, I ate your bread, I sucked in your jellyfish infested sea at Viareggio. Aperol Spritz, due Aperol Spritz. Grazie Mille Bukowksi. At night Piazza della Sala came alive, with all the hipster kids kicking it back and me with the strongest Limoncello I ever had. CCT I thank you, I thank you, your hospitality, your kindness, your insane good vibes. Grazie Mille Pistoia, Grazie Mille New Jersey!