New project with Astolfi Studio for Hermés Petit h pop-up store!

So honorued to be part of this amazing exhibition that takes place only two cities in the world every year. More info soon!

L!Puff will be exhibited at the CET Budapest from 14.06

Madeinhungary is an international design exhibition representing Central-European contemporary design.

L!Puff pieces in the Garden Studio and at Mono Art Gallery from Summer 2018.

Our rocking chair is in production and soon delivered worldwide soon.

After it succesfull launch, Collezione L!Puff is soon ready for the stores.

See the stunning photographs of the collection by Aliz Acs.

Collezione L!Puff will be introduced on Budapest Design Week

The full collection will be launched on the 7th of October. Join us!

Collezione L!Puff launch on the Paris Design Week

The first piece of the collection will be exhibited at Via Gallery, Paris

Anna's Airbnb design is the winner of the first Creative Open

A creative competition organised by Republic Group and Umbrella Budapest.